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About Royaura

About Us

Royaura was founded in early 2021 in HongKong and born from our desire to capture the Hawaiian soul and imbue it into a designer brand that brings the sunny vacation to you. We’re all about combining tradition with innovation and making the most of every moment. Life is meant to be lived.

——Vacation is a State of Mind

We want to bring the sunshine and the Hawaiian spirit to you, to cherish and take along to the next roof party, walk on the beach, or a stroll on a sunny summer day. We believe Vacation is a State of Mind.

——Great designer Hawaiian shirts

We offer great designer Hawaiian shirts as well as creations that come with unique patterns, specially crafted to help you express yourself freely. We want to empower you to come out of your shell and show the world you mean business.

——High-quality functional fabrics

Our materials are of the highest quality. We use fabrics like wrinkle-resistant seersucker, breathable cotton linen, and easy-care stretch material. Our various products were created to meet a wide range of needs. One look through our web store, and you’ll be convinced. We have plenty of options for everyone, and more.